Welcome, I am excited that you found me! I’ve worked passionately on my small business for 5 years now and can happily say that I’ve completed multiple certifications and even train fellow entrepreneurs in the same field. You will receive nothing but the best with me!

No orange, streaky mess! You will leave my tanning space feeling youthful, glowing, and confident.


‘I have been going to Ashley for a couple of months now & all I can say her work is great! She is super professional & I always leave knowing I will look bronzed. Her tans never, ever come out orange or uneven. She is also super speedy, but never rushes your tans. Every time I walk in she asks if I am doing anything differently & even if I did change how I wanted my tan I know she will execute it perfectly. I love going to her & probably won’t ever stop going to her! Look no further when it comes to spray tans!’ – Stevie S.


Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tan $30
2nd Application  (read below) $20
Partial Tan (face, arms, chest) $20

If you desire an extremely dark tan you will need to receive 2 airbrush applications.  Meaning you schedule a tan for two days back to back.  Your skin can only handle so much DHA at once and thats why you need to do it two separate days.  I recommend trying this BEFORE special events to make sure its the right fit for you,  be sure to schedule a trial run.  Some skin types can only go so dark.


Rose Glow: Illuminating Facial Tanner $20
Brilliant Glow: Self Tanning Lotion SALE  $15
Polished Glow: Exfoliating Scrub $25
Self Tanning Foam $35
Airbrush Aerosol Spray SALE $20
Velvet Mitt: Sunless Applicator $8

My retail line is designed to make the most of your tan! If you desire the most beautiful longer lasting tan. Please pair your tan these products made with salon quality ingredients to guarantee healthy skin and matching perfection.


2 Tans a month                                                                                                                                         . $45
3 Tans a month $65
4 tans a month $80

Membership Policies

  • Memberships are set up as an automatic withdrawal from your debit or credit card on the 1st of every month, committing to a membership has many benefits including: glowing skin all year long, rewards, and the steepest discount on tans that I offer.
  • 2 month commitment, after 2 months it is a month to month benefit.
  • Tans must be used within each month and do not carry over into other months.
  • To cancel you simply let me know 5 days prior to the 1st of the month.
  • Clients responsibility to schedule appointments.
  • Zero refunds.  Cancellations (with less than 24 hours notice) and No shows will either forfeit that tan for the month (1 less tan from your membership) or you will receive a $15 fee.

What you need to know.


  • My application in routine is flawless. No streaks or disasters. When you leave your appointment you will see a beautiful tan! Make sure to follow all prep and aftercare guidelines for your most flawless experience.
  • When it comes down to shade I make a judgement call based on your needs. The first tan is always a trial tan. By your next appointment you will be able to gage if we need to go darker or lighter.
  • I offer 2 types of tans. Rapid and Standard. Rapid is a tan that allows you to shower 3 hours after your initial appointment and develops for 24 hours. Standard requires you to shower 8-10 hours after your initial appointment. I carry both for those that are more comfortable/familiar with the Standard tan but I do believe the Rapid tan is easier to care for post appointment.
  • When booking the appointment you agree to my cancellation and no-show policy- 50% of the cost of the scheduled service will be charged for failure to show up or cancel/reschedule less than 24 hours in advance.  If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment your appointment will be canceled/rescheduled and you will be charged the 50% of the service.  Please do not be late.

Airbrush Prep:

  • Do not shave or wax 24 hours prior to appointment.
  • Exfoliate well.
  • Do not apply lotion 8 hours leading up to your appointment.
  • What you do or do not wear is up to you! But if you do decide to wear something during your application please wear something dark or that you don’t mind getting dirty. Men are required to wear bottoms.
  • Please bring dark loose clothing to wear after your appointment.
  • Appointments last 10-20 minutes.
  • Come clean, dry, free of deodorant and make up with your hair pulled up and out of your face.
  • Plan according to weather, protective gear for rain and snow.

Standard Tan Aftercare:

  •  Shower 8-10 hours after your appointment.
  • When you shower you will see cosmetic bronzer washing off, NOT your tan.  Please be thorough and completely wash these bronzers off. If you get out of the shower and see streaks, please get back in the shower and rub the area with your hand and soap.
  • Do not use loofas, towels, beaded soaps in the shower with your tan.
  • Lotion well. Use a lotion with no fragrance.  My personal favorite: Cetaphil. Try to lotion morning and night.
  • Avoid products such as coconut oil, baby oil, etc. Oils make your tan dissolve and fade quicker. Please also avoid lotions such as Bath and Body Works, Victorias Secret or any other highly fragrant lotions (these cause more harm than good to your skin)

Rapid Tan Aftercare:

This routine is only for those who receive my RAPID TAN application.

  • 3 hours after your appointment take a warm water shower/rinse. NO SOAP.
  • When you shower you will see cosmetic bronzer washing off, NOT your tan.  Rapid bronzers are strong! Be quick, rinse with water and your hands.  If you get out of the shower and see streaks it is your bronzers not your tan. Hop in and rub them off. In some cases they will appear until your tan has finished processing.
  • 16-24 hours after your appointment you may resume regular showers with soap.
  • Lotion well. Use a lotion with no fragrance. My personal favorite: Cetaphil. Tyr to lotion morning and night.
  • Avoid products such as coconut oil, baby oil, etc. Oils make your tan dissolve and fade quicker. Please also avoid lotions such as Bath and Body Works, Victorias Secret or any other highly fragrant lotions (these cause more harm than good to your skin)

Pregnant and Nursing Women:


I’ve tanned many pregnant women, including myself! The products I use are not harmful and are paired with a technique and equipment offering ventilation and barely any product in your air. I DO NOT give permission, if you have concerns please talk with your doctor.


Please plan on cleaning your breast post appointment before feeding your child to avoid product in milk or transferring to child. If its an option for you pumping and bottle feeding until your first shower is a great alternative and helps avoid ruining your tan or getting your baby dirty. You want to avoid skin to skin contact until you’ve showered so if you plan on breastfeeding please make sure your arms and any other typically exposed area other than the breast is covered to avoid transferring your tan.

18 and under:

You will need a parent to complete your consent form, if your parent cannot come with you to your appointment please have them print the form from the following link, fill it out, and send it with you.   https://drive.google.com/file/d/18IfEhKSnLsjjrvS3c2Gau7RZMIpU4Ihn/view?usp=sharing

Minors cannot be airbrushed nude.


I accept cash and all major credit cards including American Express, and Venmo.

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